Whiplash Review

It’s taken some time, but humor is slowly worming its way into video games.  Usually it’s thrown in on the side, or is there by default (as was the case with SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom).  A few games have been promoted as being full-fledged comedies, but the writing has yet to match the […]

Everblue 2 Review

A mysterious tablet lost in the depths of the Caribbean; sharks, dolphins and a full array of underwater tropical life; and, of course, sunken treasure all await the adventurous. Everblue 2, an Arika and Capcom release for the PlayStation2, does not have the best script in the gaming world ­ in fact, it is a […]

ESPN NHL Hockey Review

With the new hockey season right around the corner, ESPN NHL Hockey is the first ice hockey title to be released before the other competition vie for your attention. For those gamers that don’t already know, the ESPN franchise is really the newest incarnation of the Sega Sports NHL 2K games but now with a […]

R-Type Final Review

If you plunked a stream of quarters into an old arcade game called R-Type, then Fresh Games, Irem Software and Eidos Interactive has just the treat you’ve been waiting for. R-Type Final, a PlayStation2 release, captures the joys and essence of the old arcade shooter while bringing fresh environments to the effort. For those blissfully […]

Phantom Brave

Ash, who was vanquished 8 years earlier on the Island of Evil, mystically shows up in Marona’s room. The little girl is laying clothes out on a bed and the two engage in a discussion that has ramifications beyond the clothing on the bed. “Sometimes you have to speak up,” Ash tells her. “How can […]

Maximo: Ghosts to Glory Review

Maximo harkens back to the early days of gaming, a time when the gameplay experience was THE most important thing. There wasn’t much if anything to collect. Online gaming did not exist. And there was no such thing as three-dimensional games. But the gameplay — the thing that made us gamers in the first place […]

HyperSonic Xtreme (HSX) Review

As a somewhat casual fan of racing titles, like most die-hard racing fans I’m intrigued by games that feature futuristic racing vehicles. After all, who doesn’t want to pilot a hovering jet-racer in an extreme anti-gravity race? In HyperSonic Xtreme, Majesco’s fast paced racing title; you get the opportunity to compete in the fastest race […]

Mercenaries Review

LucasArts’ Mercenaries has been somewhat of an oddity in its development. What initially began its development looking like a GTA clone, with some shiny new weapons and themes thrown into the mix, has actually flourished into a surprisingly fun and intense game. Mercenaries is a great game with engaging action and a sharp sense of […]